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Housekeeping Services

EDCORPS Management Services Private Limited provide housekeeping services for corporate office, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex by latest methods and well-trained housekeeping technical persons for a pleasant working environment. We apply the right cleaning methodologies and protocol, backed up by rigorous training to ensure healthy and effective working environment.

EDCORPS is believed in specialized Cleaning services. This includes Work Place cleaning, Meeting Room/ Conference Room cleaning, Personal Cabin Cleaning, Desktop area cleaning, Washroom Cleaning, Common area cleaning, Cafeteria cleaning, Utility room cleaning, Server room and Restricted area cleaning, Driveway-Parking area cleaning etc. We do understand that each of the above areas required special attention, training skill, cleaning materials, dusting and mopping method (with wet & dry). Disinfecting and polishing is also important to apply as per requirement.

We do provide lot of importance to keep the work place bacteria, viruses, E-Coli, Influenza, and Fungi etc free. Disinfecting with appropriate guidance plays a major role in the housekeeping services. We have special skills to clean the carpet with vacuuming and shampooing along with blinds and chair/sofas. This process starts from Vacuuming & Dry cleaning – Shampooing /Foam application – Stream Cleaning /Drying. Our skilled Team has efficient knowledge to work and provide effective results in any kind of floor surface e.g., Granite, tile, Stone, marbles. Keeping the place shiny and germ free requires special care and we do value these to achieve greater results.

Cleaning and maintenance of all common areas, cafeteria, and washroom require more attention and deliberation. Frequent noticing, monitoring, checking with all daily, weekly; thorough cleaning process ensure a great work environment. After the work place these are equally important and require most hygienic and organized cleaning with sense and care. Floor cleaning and carpet cleaning is very specialized jobs. Both the cleaning methods involves sophisticated machines like Floor scrubbing machines, Single disc high-speed buffing/burnishing/ polishing machines for floor cleaning and carpet machine for carpet cleaning.


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